“Solange’s keen eye for design and ability to see the finished product makes the renovation process smooth and stress-free.”

At the age of five Solange was learning to swing a hammer as her parents rebuilt an historic Victorian in the heart of Concord, MA. When she was ten, she was clipping floor plans from home improvement magazines and began drafting her own. Upon completing an internship at a local architectural firm, she decided to expand her horizons and try something new. She attended Connecticut College in New London where she graduated with high honors in Economics & Mathematics. After traveling the country and absorbing all the knowledge and experience she could, she moved back home to the east coast and landed in Newport. It was here that she met the creative bombshell that is Libby Kirwin and combined all of her passion and experience into a successful career in real estate. In 2013 she helped launch Libby Kirwin Renovation and Design Consulting. Wanting to take full advantage of the industry, she became a licensed realtor in 2015, selling two homes in her first six months. As a project manager, designer and realtor, Solange is knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate. She enjoys finding the beauty behind the rubble, and bringing homes back to life.

"I just wanted to write because I think Solange deserves recognition for the outstanding work she has done for us recently. We have always had the utmost faith in her and she has always been there for us as a trusted property manager. However, her latest project with us— the renovation of our 2nd floor and the boys bathroom-- is just simply amazing. She absolutely outdid herself on the bathroom design in particular. It is beautiful and perfect, right down to the finishing touches. She is a rising star for sure! You are lucky to have her on your team and we are lucky to have her working with us." - Elise Thomas

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